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Need Help with Auto AC

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    I was hoping someone else may have had this issue. I have a Dodge Stratus with an AC problem. This one is kinda strange and have never had a car do this before. It cools just fine the only problem is that the AC control won't switch the fan from defrost to panel. Sometimes if I leave it on the panel setting it will eventually switch over but not always. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix I might be able to do myself without tearing the dash all up?
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    it's never an easy fix anymore. In my old car it was a simple matter of following a cable. Now it's probably a chip.
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    Sounds like either the the control panel or actuator is going south and needs to be replaced. I'm not sure what the correct ohms needs to be on the panel, so your best bet is to pick up a basic repair manual for the vehicle and try to check it yourself. Could save you a bit of money.

    IMO, it has to be one of those two components.
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    Check for vacuum hoses, but I think this depends on how old and you didn't give a year.
    Otherwise, what B. Eliot said.
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    My Alfa Romeo does the same thing. It always switches over eventually, but it can take up to 15 minutes.

    The problem: It's an Alfa Romeo. The solution is not to be too fussy about where I want my ventilation directing.
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    2002. I'm going to attempt to get at the wires behind the control this weekend. I've done some searching around and i've read a couple places that the contacts soldered into the back of the AC controller may have just broken loose. Hopefully I don't have to rip the whole dash out to get to it. Texas is pretty hot this time of year. I want that air pounding me in the face.
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    what the hell kind of hippie unanal sort of solution is that?
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    You may be able to solve the problem yourself, and if your lucky it will be an easy fix.

    http://en.allexperts.com/q/Dodge-Repair-809/Mode-Selector.htm [Broken]

    Here is another good link. It is pay for use only, but most public libraries subscribe to it.

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    Thank you so much for this information! I will try this first.
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    You've never owned an Alfa, have you?
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    My guess is the actuator. POS valeo parts. If it is the actuator, its not going to be easy to fix. Have you ever replaced a heater core before?
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    Well after jacking with the panel I confirmed it is a short in the connector behind the AC control. I can pivot the controller slightly and get the thing to switch to panel air. Looks like I got lucky this time. Thanks everyone for your replies and ideas.
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