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Need help with BLDC motor rotor design

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    1477087980140-513699624.jpg 1477087980140-513699624.jpg Trying to design a motor for a learning project. Finished the math but having a lot of trouble with design questions. Can anyone give me some insight.

    For the rotor in this picture there is a ring magnet. Is the magnet glued on? I think it is glued onto electrical steel.
    2nd question, on the inside of the rotor there is a ring that looks like a bearing or something. How does this attach to a shaft? Can you tell me if I am correct... is it just a cylinder of metal shrink fit into electrical steel? and would a shaft just be interfearance fit inside of the rotor... by hammering the shaft in or something?


    Also, does anyone know an online resource where I can learn how these things are done the right way?
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    I've seen motors where the magnets are glued to the rotor. You need to use the right adhesive - epoxy can loose strength when hot. Have seen high rpm motors with the rotor wrapped in carbon fibre to help retain the magnets but that's not always necessary.

    Can you machine the shaft and rotor out of one lump of metal?
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