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Homework Help: Need help with distance problem

  1. Feb 29, 2012 #1
    The distance between point A and B is 1km. A dog and man start walking at the same time from point A toward point B. They will keep walking (if reached B then walk back toward A immediately, and if reached A then walk back toward B immediately, so on).

    1.Given that the dog walks twice as fast as the man does.
    (a) Where do they meet the first time? Show your reasoning.
    (b) Where do they meet the second time? The third time? Show your reasoning.
    (c) Any pattern observed?
    (d) Where do they meet the 134th time?

    I think I have (a) done, not sure though.
    total distance = Vman x t + Vdog x t = 2
    = Vman x t = 2Vman x t = 2
    =3Vmant x t = 2
    d=2/3 km

    Not sure what to do next?? Thanks in advance!
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    How do you suppose you could represnet this problem using straight line graphs?
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    Nice hint.
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