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Homework Help: Need help with electricity

  1. May 13, 2007 #1
    hay everyone

    my finals are up coming and i need help with electricity. my lecturer ain't saying anything more than what is already written in serway, so i need some video lectures for electricity. basicly"coulomb's law, gauss, potential electric, magnetism, capacitors and di-electrics, induction, resistors,...etc"
    freshman material.

    and does any one have a tip on how to study perfectly?

    thanks alot:smile:
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    start early. o:)

    If you do lots and lots of related textbook problems after each lecture (more than just the tutorial work), you'll understand most of the content very well (and when you don't, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to get the precise help necessary). Then when there aren't any lectures left, you can start doing past exams. Incidentally, I think you can still have a life and "study perfectly", but you do have to put the study first (can't pause to procrastinate)... probably easier if you have another person to study with. Sounds like you're really asking how to cram perfectly.
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