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Need help with FORTRAN

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    Hi there, first of all i am new to the forum, my name is Ivan and i am on 4th year of grade in Physics, i am doing my final work to finish the grade and i need some help in fortran.

    The first thing is that i cant even run it, i am using windows 8, i dont know what compiler use or even how to use it, i need to calculate the Wigner 6j-Symbol matrix and i have the code but i have no way to use it, i could use matlab but it calls to a function VN02B that i dont even know what it does.

    Thanks, Sorry for my english
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    If you don't have a Fortran compiler installed on your machine which runs under Win 8, you're kind of stuck.

    There are some open source compilers available


    but you would probably need some help in getting these routines installed before trying out your Fortran code. It's also hard to advise on a situation like this thru an internet forum. Is there someone you know who has access to these programming tools already installed, who could maybe show you how to use them?
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