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Need help with gamma spectroscopy/SAANI

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    Hello :) I hope its ok/allowed to ask for help.. Since I'm looking for a software I dont know where I should post it :/

    I would like to know if you have an idea whether its possible to download the open soure software called "SAANI" which is described here http://library.sinap.ac.cn/db/hedianwencui201102/全文/41100117.pdf or if it is just available to the university where it was develeoped or if there is some common place to share opensource software where I could download it to analyse some of my spectra. I didnt found a link by using google, but I found the name of it in some papers which compare software for spectrum analysis, but in each of them the reference was just to the paper I linked above.

    I also trief to use the program OpenGamma which is also opensource, but it does not open the spectrum files i Openend. It would really help me if any of you had an idea where I could find SAANI as the functions described in the paper are exactly what I need.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If it's open source it should be free to anyone, but I'd check with the company, person, or university offering it.
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    Well, that seems to be the problem. I cant find it anywhere, but I found a program they were also working on I think. It is OpenGamma : http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengamma/

    I installed it and tried to open any of my spectrum files, but nothing happened. When I clicked on an option under "Analyse" the app just crashed. Can someone verify this or give me a hint what I am doing wrong? Because all 5 reviews on the site were positive and the screenshots look quite promising.
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