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Need Help with Heidegger

  1. Nov 14, 2007 #1
    Hello everyone, I am a newcomer. I am a student from Viet Nam who currently attend to High School in US. I have some questions about Heidegger's Being and Time:

    1/ I don't understand his notion of "Being-In-The-World", could you explain this term?
    2/ What does it mean by Thematization?
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    a human being at one point in time
    a human being living their life.

    Prior to existentialism, human beings were viewed as static 'beings'.
    Existentialism focuses attention on the dynamic nature of existence.

    I am not a being moving through time.
    Time is part of my being. I exist within a world. I am a process.

    In terms of physics, think wave function, instead of particle.
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    I thought human is ecstatic, Joe? Am I wrong or something? It seems that Heidegger is really hard to understand than anybody else.
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    Sartre once stated that if hell exists, it involves listening to someone read Heidegger aloud... for eternity.
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    I think I pay all respect to philosophers. Satre absorbed a lot from Heidegger just like Kant absorbed from Hume. I could say that although Heidegger is still one of the most influential philosophers of 20th century. His book seems too hard that not many people like it.
  7. Nov 27, 2007 #6
    I dont understand why my philosophy professor says that Heidegger doesnt believe that we have minds. How is it that we dont have minds! I can understand the fact that what makes me an individual (gives me identity) is not my mind for minds are shared by other people. but this doesnt mean i dont have a mind. i do have a mind. help me!
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