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Homework Help: Need Help With Identifying My Precipitate, Please Help.

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    Hi, i need some help on how to identify,
    I mixed Copper Sulfate solution with Sodium Hydroxide solution to produce solid Copper Hydroxide and aqueous Sodium Sulfate. I than filtered out the aqueous sodium sulfate and was left with solid copper hydroxide. My teacher than asked me to verify that my solid was Copper hydroxide. How can i verify that my solid is Copper Hydroxide?
    Please explain and help, Thanks!
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    Is it pale blue when dry?

    if its wet it will react with water and form copper hydroxide which is black.

    (I grabbed this from wikipedia)
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    Drying it won't be easy, I guess you have just a solution containing blue precipitate.

    Check what happens when you add an ammonia solution. Check what happens when you add a strong acid solution.
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