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Need help with integral

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    I carried out a physics experiment and I wanted to analysis the problem with matlab. I have some code in matlab that "works" as in it gives ok result but the numbers used are quite nonsensical, I need help making the reworking the equation with real numbers. I am not sure if this is the correct thread, if not sorry. Here is my code:

    Code (Matlab M):

    format long;
    clear all;

    fid=fopen('plot.txt','w')  %Êý¾ÝдÔÚplot.txt
    for m=1:300
        p(m)=m*0.0001-0.015;   %¿ÉÒÔµ÷Õû×÷ͼ²½³¤
        for r=0.0:dddr:0.010   %¸ù¾ÝÊÕÁ²ÐÔµ÷Õû»ý·ÖÉÏÏ޺Ͳ½³¤
        fprintf(fid,'%9.4f  %9.4f  \n',p(m),I(m));
    fclose all;
    hold off
        plot(p,I);  %»Í¼
    hold on
    My main problem is using very large numbers like "5500000". What I would like to do, is make the exp(a*exp(b*r^2)) component be the part of the function that determines the number of rings, where a=2Npi and N would determine the number of rings. However I am not sure how to go about normalizing the rest of the constants so that this would be the case.

    Mod note: I added code tags. Please do that every time you post code.
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    You will have to give more details. What physical problem are you looking at? What is the code actually doing?
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