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Homework Help: Need help with integration

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    I am trying to integrate sqrt(1+4*x^2)
    I have been trying to rewrite this into sqrt(-4x+(2x + 1)^2) and putting u=2x+1 and substituting but I don't think that makes this any easier. Could someone please give me a hint.
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    The answer is Partial Integration...Give it a try and let me know


    edit hint : do the partial integration right a way with the sqrt(1+4x^2)dx. After this you will need to apply the (+1 -1) trick in the integrand's numerator. If you want you can first do the substitution u=2x to get rid of the 4, but it is not compulsory...
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    After some hard work and a lot of eraser I got the right answer. Thank you marlon.
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    Then use the identity for the double angle to simplify that integral.
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    Try [tex] x=\frac{1}{2}\tan \theta \Rightarrow \sqrt{1+4x^2}=\sec\theta[/tex].
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