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Homework Help: Need help with Kinematics!

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    I just joined today and would like help with a question. Here it is:

    It is a sunny day and you are lying on a beach . Some distance away across level gropund, is a tall coconut palm. As you watch, a monkey in that tree drops a coconut(from rest) onto hard ground below. The time elapsed from the moment he releases the coconut until it hits the pavement is 190% longer than the time it takes for the impact to reach you. The angle (measured with respect to the ground ) at which you are viewing the monkey when he drops the nut is 5 degrees. Assumimg the speed of sound is constant 343m/s, from what height did the monkey drop the nut?
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    How would you start working on this problem? Draw a sketch of the tree, monkey, coconut, 5 degrees, etc. What kinematic equation will tell you how long it takes the coconut to hit the ground? What sound velocity and distance equation should you use to tell you how long it takes the coconut impact sound to reach you? Then what?
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