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Need Help with Latex and RevTex4

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    Need Help with Latex and RevTex4!!!

    Hi there,

    I've written my first paper and need to submit it but getting the correct format is proving to be a HUGE nightmare that I've spend almost the last 6 hrs working on with only a little progress.

    Ok - I want to use the Latex format (which I know how to use) but I want it to be in double column format.

    I've downloaded Winedt, MikTex and RevTex4.

    I've figured out how to get Winedt and MikTex to work together and can make a dvi file.

    I now need to do the double column format and learn how to insert figures etc in the correct place.

    It seems like you need a PhD in Latex to figure it all out.

    How does RevTex4 work in conjunction with it all?

    Does anyone have any quick(ish) help??

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    The ReVTeX distribution comes with a sample file called apssamp.tex that gives examples of how to do all the things you're asking about (and about other ReVTeX related things). If you can't find it on your system, http://www.aip.org/pubservs/compuscript.html [Broken] of it from AIP.
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    OK, I am going to assume that you are trying to produce a typeset document that looks like one of Physical Review papers. Without any more info, I will then show you the beginnings of a typical PRL LaTex format:

    \documentstyle[prl,aps,epsf]{revtex} \def\narrowtext{} \tighten \twocolumn
    \input epsf.sty

    \title{Insert Your Clever Title here}
    Author1, Author2, Author3
    Physics Forums
    Write your clever abstract here.
    \typeout{polish abstract}
    \pacs{PACS numbers: 29.25.Bx. 41.75.-i, 41.75.Lx}


    Body of text here. Note that in PRL, one very seldom use section titles, since those take up too much space, and you only have 4 typeset pages to work with.

    To insert PS or EPS figures, follow this format:

    \caption{Your clever caption here.}

    Don't pay attention to the numbers in vspace and epsfysize. They depend on your figure and how much you need to adjust to make it look just right in your document.

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    I followed the advice of following apssamp.tex and I seem to be making progress now.

    Thanks for the advice!

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