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Need help with Major choice please.

  1. Aug 26, 2011 #1
    Hello I am a sophomore at Penn State currently in Aerospace engineering. I am stuck between engineering and physics like so many people out there. I have taken engineering classes and it seems a little boring. At least at my school engineering has been displayed as the conceptual development of the discoveries made by scientist from which engineers computer design/draw new developing technologies and solve mathematical problems with said design or improve said design with mathematical and problem solving skills. I love physics or the idea of what physics tries to solve, mysteries of the universe, black wholes, how it all works. I have a lot of books on physics concepts and find them interesting, even have some conceptual ideas on my own but the problem with a physics degree at least at undergrad level is the job market. engineering has a job market while from what I heard from my adviser/ science teachers, physics has none. A lot of people are telling me a physics degree isn't worth it.
    Can you go on to grad school in physics with a engineering degree, if so which engineering degree is the closes to physics? we have a degree at my school called Engineering science, would that be a good choice? Thank everyone for their input.
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    Have you looked into Medical Physics. Look into programs, try to job shadow a medical physicist and keep asking questions here. I've read that people have gone on to medical physics with an engineering degree but I'd call program directors of the various schools and see what the reality is.
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