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Need help with Mathematica

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    Hi everybody.
    I have this equation

    c=(m/b)(a-(F/b))exp(-btn/m)(1-exp(-bt/m))^2 where;

    n=integer (1-5000)
    c=2x[(n+1)t]-x[(n+2)t]-x[nt] --- the value for x at a particular n is obtained from a graph

    I have to solve for b. I have tried to solve this equation using Mathematica using the `Solve` command but there was a warning about the expression non in algebraic way.

    Is there anybody out there who have any idea what function I can use in Mathematica to solve this equation? It seems easy because the only unknown is b. But I am not familiar with Mathematica so I still can`t solve it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Not entirely clear (I am not sure I understand your notation).

    When Mathematica tells you that, it means that it can't find a way to express the answer in analytical form as a function of the variables you gave it. But you can always try for a numerical solution, using NSolve or similar (there's something like Root or NRoot, but I don't have mathematica handy right now).
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