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Need help with MOSFETs

  1. Jun 22, 2010 #1
    I am an student of electrical engineering and reading Microelectronic circuits by Sedra and Smith 5th edition.
    I am stuck in a question and wondering if I could find some help here.
    The question is:
    Various design constraints put a lower limit on the value of overdrive voltage. For our purpose here let the overdrive voltage be 0.2 V. Also assume that Vdd (Supply voltage) is 5V.
    If we are required to allow for an output voltage swing of +-5V, what DC voltage should be established at drain in order to obtain maximum gain? What gain value is achievable? what input signal results in a +-0.5 V output signal?
    Also find the required value of Rd (the resistor at drain)
    It is a fact that for maximum gain the operating point should be as close to triode region as possible. if B is the point after which the transistor enters the triode region, then the maximum gain can be obtained only when the the drain voltage is only 0.5 V above the same at point B. But that output voltage at operating point as well as at point B are both determined by the resistor at drain.
    I shall appreciate any kind of help regarding this problem.
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