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Need help with my technical fest!

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    I have this Computer Science tech. fest coming up in my college. I am assigned to collect a few questions for a particular event. Basically the question should be a mathematical expression which on simplifying/integrating/differentiating or applying any other mathematical operation should reduce to something amazing (like a popular word).

    ex: Simplify e^{b(y2.........some characters)}

    Simplifying this should give a word like ebay.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    umm I think we can't use computers, it should be solvable manually.
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    x^y = ?
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    That's fine with the example I gave.
    I need similar questions.
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    dats a great idea!
    I made up another question :

    (-1)1/3.(-1)(1/2+1/2).f(x) , where f(x) is any function with x=-1

    This reduces to ωifi.

    I am trying to find a question such that the expression reduces to Hack or Hacked or any other Computer related word. Can you help?
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    [tex]6.626068 × 10^{-34}\frac{\log(-1)}{\pi} \left[\frac{m^2\quad kg}{s}\right][/tex]
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    Sorry I did not get that.
    The first value is for 'h'.
    Isn't log(-1) undefined?
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    My calc I teacher showed us this one on the last day of class:
    Ice cube.
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