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Calculators Need Help with my TI-83 Plus PLEASE !

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    Need Help with my TI-83 Plus PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got my TI 83 plus, and yesterday went out to by the cable so that i can get programs for physics n stuff onto it, but after i downloaded the program, i dragged n dropped it into the TI connect icon to transfer it. it transfered, but the program wasnt on my calc....what do i do?
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    You have to drop it in the right area. Make sure it isn't archived. If it is flash, drop it under flash, etc.
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    I've heard you can get more replies if you just add enough exclamation marks to your thread title.
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    Also, make sure the program isn't a group, and if it is, you'll need to ungroup it on your calculator.

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    Re: Need Help with my TI-83 Plus PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey i have a question to, my TI-83 Plus eddition's connector cable that it came with won't fit into it and I don't know why, can someone help me? and to the origional question, you can click 2nd then +, you should go to a screen that says mem mgmt/del... stuff like that, now go all the way down and it will say reset, click it and say yes, it will reset EVERYTHING but it won't reset your games and such. Hoped this helped.
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