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Need help with normal force

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    You have a box that wieghs 55 N sitting on a table. On top of that box there is another box that weighs 35 N attached to a frictionless rope that is around a frictionless pully. At the other end of the rope there is another box that is hanging with a weight of 28 N. What is the normal force that the table exerts on the 55 N box?
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    Think 3rd law. It might help to draw this out.
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    So what does that mean ? what is the force of the box that is hanging have to do with this and does that take additional force off of the 35 N box ?
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    How much force is exerted on the table? You've got the 55N box and the 35N box, but the 35N box is offset by the 28N box.
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