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Need help with OO Spreadsheet

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    I've made a spreadsheet doc with Open Office. It's basically a list of CD's with artist name, CD title, etc. Is it possible "fix" the first row (title of the columns) in place so that it is not affected when I arrange the rest of the column from a-z or z-a? Also, what should I do make sure that if one column is arranged in a certain way other parts of the row also stick to it? i.e., if I want to arrange by CD title, I would want the artist's name to match the CD title.
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    One way to solve that is to make macros for sorting tables. Just Record one macro for each column.
    If The columntitles are @ the first row...
    Start record a macro. Call it Title.
    Mark the whole table from A2 to D65000.
    Then sort the table.
    (1) Column A (a-z)
    (2) Column B (a-z)
    Click A1, then stop record.
    Point a button to it.

    Repeat this for each column you want.
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    Dr Transport

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    If you have the columns titled, you can highlight the entire worksheet then hit the sort button, in Excel you are prompted to pick your preference.
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