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Need help with organic chemistry lab

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    Need help with organic chemistry lab!!!

    Hi, I've performed an experiment involving the oxidation of cyclohexene to adipic acid and I want to make sure if I got the products correct. I first prepared a solution of cyclohexene and potassium permanganate in water. Then I added sodium hydroxide. Then I precipitated the adipic acid by treating it with hydrochloric acid.

    Before adding in the sodium hydroxide, the reactants were cyclohexene, potassium permanganate, and water so theoretically for this initial reaction I should get for the intermediate product (Correct me if I am wrong):
    adipate dianion, manganese dioxide, and potassium hydroxide.

    So if I add in sodium hydroxide what will i get? Do I get an adipate salt with sodium ionic bond to the oxygens? Is there any more products that I didn't mention?

    When precipitating the adipate salt with the hydrochloric acid, I know that the acid will protonate the adipate salt to form adipic acid. Does it also form sodium chloride? I'm also not sure what happens in the previous intermediate steps. If anyone can help, I would gladly appreciate it.
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