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Homework Help: Need help with problem

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    This isn't homework, but I missed the last few classes so I'm in dire need of help. I was given a quiz today, amazingly - I was able to do all of it with just basic math knowledge....except one >_> And it's bothering me that I don't understand it >_>

    Here is the problem:

    [img width=111 height=96][PLAIN]http://www.fall3n.com/homewo...horoughly, it'd be appreciated ;) Thank you!
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    I assume that's a radical in the denominator.

    Multiply both sides by the radical, square both sides then solve for v.
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    Ok um I am assuming the equation is [tex] t=T/(1-(V^2/c^2)) [/tex]


    t = T*v^2
    v=-c sqroot(t)
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    Alright I kind of cheated and used the calculator last time
    but I solved by hand and got the following

    [tex]t=\frac{T}{{1 - v^2/c^2}}[/tex]

    [tex]v=+ or - \frac{c\sqrt{(t-T)}}{{t}}[/tex]
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    I am very tired though and could have made a mistake please check your answers with someone else or have someone confirm mine
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    Yes, Tom McCurdy's last response:

    [tex]v=+ or - \frac{c\sqrt{(t-T)}}{{t}}[/tex]

    is correct.
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    YES... not only did i do some algerbra but I learned latex
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