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Homework Help: Need help with project on electronics

  1. Aug 22, 2010 #1
    I'm freshman in Electrical Engineering. I'm going to do a project on a major challenge in electrical engineering nowadays. I intend to discuss the limit of microelectronics at micro-scale and so the challenge is to go deeper into lower scale, i.e. nano and pico scale (pico-scale is quite too far?!). However, I'm stuck with finding appropriate reference materials, as I'm new in the field. Can someone kindly give me some sources or enlighten me with this issue (in case I misconceive something)? Thank you.
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    I googled Integrated Circuit Geometry Roadmap, and got some useful hits:


    Maybe start with that hit list, and see if it leads you to better search terms. Maybe even try something like Replacements for Optical Lithography in Integrated Circuit Fabrication, or similar....
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    Thanks for the advice :smile:
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