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Homework Help: Need help with QUESTIONS

  1. Mar 12, 2008 #1
    1. The Net Torque always produces _____ acceleration.
    a. Angular
    b. Linear
    c. Constant
    d. Deceleration

    ANSWER: (A) Angular

    2. The coefficient of _____ friction depends on the materials and surfaces in contact.
    a. Sliding friction
    b. Static friction
    c. Kinetic friction
    d. Rolling friction

    ANSWER: (B) Static Friction

    3. Work is done by a constant force acting on a moving body with a _____ .
    a. Constant speed
    b. Straight line displacement
    c. Constant displacement
    d. Straight line distance

    ANSWER: (B) Straight line displacement

    I’m not sure if my answers are correct, suggestions are highly appreciated...
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