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Need help with radar cross section

  1. Jun 4, 2008 #1

    I'm a computer science student trying to write a software in C for calculating the radar cross section of objects. I'm using the ray tracing approach. I've read that to calculate RCS values, you need plane wave. To simulate this plane wave I'm using an array of parallel rays travelling in +z direction. What I did is I calculated the bounding box of the object(sphere for eg.) and then I used the bottom face(plane) of the bounding box to create the parallel rays by dividing it into a square grid. The direction of all rays is (0,0,1). I'm able to trace the rays but what I don't get is how to calculate the RCS values. I mean the rays are getting scattered in all possible direction. How many or which of these scattered rays should I consider for RCS calculation.
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