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Need help with sensor's function here

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    Ok, if I have a transceiver circuit comprised of a RFID(with antenna-resonating to RFS) that has the capability of tag-tag communication and the RFID responds to a beacon signal from a RF source by transmitting in response to the beacon signal 2 (alive signal). Its electrically connected so as to provide a gate bias or other signal to the code responsive switch(CRS). A hall sensor(code responsive circuit) is disposed adjacent the tag’s antenna in order to sense receipt of the beacon signal. Only the beacon signal will resonate in the antenna which provides a micro-signal that can be sensed to the gate input in order to switch the CRS from one position to another in response of beacon signal
    Ok...what is the hall sensor function here? I am assuming the RF are generating an electromagnetic/magnetic field
    Thank you in advance
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    Can you post a diagram and schematic? That will help us in understanding your system and question. :smile:
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