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Homework Help: Need help with simple question on a lab.

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    So we did a lab in school on what is the effect of flour on slime which is mixed with borax and glue on the length it can be stretched. I have completed the experiment and found out it stretched much longer than the control variable with is normal slime without flour. I finish writing my conclusion and are now on the 4 question. I read through the question and managed to only understand 1 of those. Others I do not understand.

    1. Using blocks as monomers, create diagram of what you think is happening in your control group and experimental group?

    I didn't quite understand it but I thought is to create a picture of the slime with and without the flour and compare the difference? So i drew 2 polymers. Control one was much shorter because it didn't stretch as long and the experimental one is longer with more blocks. Is that what I'm suppose to do?

    2.Starching is a polymer made of sugar. Using blocks as monomers, draw a diagram and label it with the term starch, sugar. monomer, and polymer.

    I couldn't even guess on this one.

    3.Proteins are polymers of amino acids. Using blocks as monomers, draw a diagram of a protein molecule.

    Again, I could guess on this one.

    Any ideas? Thank you for your time.
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    Slime is a polymeric ionomer of polyvinyl alcohol and sodium borate. The borate anion hydrogen bonds with the OH groups lying along the backbone of one polyvinyl alcohol molecule and adjacent one. It creates a much larger polymer of shorter chain polyvinyl alcohol molecules and borate ions. The result is slimy. Starch is a polymer of sugar. The repeating units are sugars that have OH groups as well.

    Can you guess what might happen when you mix that into another system that has repeating units containing OH groups like slime has? Can you draw those box structures for starch showing the repeating units? How about proteins?
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