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Need help with star coordinate transformation

  1. Sep 13, 2010 #1
    I've created an XL spreadsheet to update star coordinates from J2000 to the current date and time. Unfortunately, I have some issue after about 150 succesful formulae. My bug is somewhere in conversion to Local Hour Angle and dealing with refraction and then converting to Altitude/azimuth.
    Quite embarrasing after all that good work.
    This is not homework and I've checked the bugger using Meeus and now I'm just frustrated.
    If anyone is willing to take a look at the spreadsheet, I've attached a copy of the offending page. Any pointers in the proper direction would be MASSIVELY appreciated.
    Thanks, Scott.

    Edit; The bugger is too big to upload.
    Anyone interested in looking her over can e-mail me at ssz0407@msn.com.
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