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Homework Help: Need help with take home test

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    Q: A 1 molar solution of which of the the following salts has the highest pH?
    A. NaNO3
    B. Na2CO3
    C. NH4CL
    D. NaHSO4
    E. Na2SO4

    I think its a because NO3 would make a strong acid making more OH but im coufused totaly on how to find pH of salts
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    Highest pH, or lowest pH? Do you mean which is the strongest acid, or which is the weakest?
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    highest pH
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    A strong acid has a low pH; for example HCl is around pH of 2. A high pH would indicate a base. A strong acid would not have more OH, so your wording is confusing.
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    which one of them is the strongest base?!
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    A strong base has weak conjugate acid ion.

    Compare the relative strength of all the conjugate acid ions

    Think along this line

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    this might be useful, although I'm sure you have something similar in your own textbook

    http://spiepho.sbc.edu/worksheets/Gen_Chem_2/Chp15,pH_Salt_Solutions.doc [Broken]
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