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Need Help With Tessellation Project

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    For this project i have create a tesselation that either translates or rotates. There must be a mininmum of 10 repetitions of the pattern and done on a 8 1/2" X 11" paper. How do i go about making this?
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    You start with a square, you cut a piece out, and you stick it on the opposite side. Rinse and repeat. They'll fit together.

    A quick google search yielded the same thing, but with pictures!
    http://www.punahou.edu/acad/sanders/geometrypages/GP08CreatingTessellations.html [Broken]

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    thanks..it says at least 10 repetitions, does that mean cutting it out and sticking on the opposite side 10x or just at least 10 of those figures on a piece of paper
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    I think they mean you need at least ten of the shapes on the piece of paper.

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