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Need Help With The MOND Formula

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    I need some help with the formula from the MOND Theory. I just want to understand it and be able to do it myself without any help, but that just didn't happen. so i need some help from professionals. the formula is:


    I know that symbol in there is "Micro" (µ) but i don't know what it's value is, nor do i know what the constant he uses value is (a0). can someone please help me with this formula?
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    Doc Al

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    Thank you Doc, i've seen and printed that very document, but what i was talking about, which none of the articles i've read don't tell me, is what the value of the Micro symbol is in this equation, or for that matter, what the constant is either or how to use it. i'm not a calculus student, (Algebra II) and don't know squat on how to do this, but would like too and i know there's not much to it. i'm not good at functions either, which this thing seems to have.
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    Doc Al

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    The link explains that µ is a function of (a/a0), not a constant; a0 is a constant and is given. Not sure how seriously you should be taking this theory. (Edit: I'll move this to Cosmology.)
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    could you perhaps run the math by with me? i mean, make a scenerio so that i can see how the work is done and explain it to me?
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    Don't know if anybody is still following this thread but to clarify ...

    The MOND "formula" is not really a true formula and the MOND "theory" is not a true theory. The theory is really just a suggestion that the Newtonion formula may not be exactly correct and suggests what the true formula might look like without giving details. So you can't really use MOND to do an actual calculation.

    Although I find the MOND theory interesting it probably is better treated as speculation at this time that as a proper theory, IMHO at least.
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