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Calculators Need Help With the TI-89 Titanium

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    I recently bought a TI-89 Titanium, and I need help downloading assembly programs. I have some assembly programs on my calculator right now, but I cannot get them to run. I searched everywhere on the official website, and eventually found out that I need something called a "shell," or "kernel." So I downloaded several of these onto my calculator. I cannot get these to run, either. When I go to the VAR-LINK screen, go to the program, and hit enter, it just takes me to the APPS screen, and nothing happens. The same thing happens when I try to run other, non-kernel assembly programs. So... does anyone know how I can solve this problem and get my assembly programs to run?
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    Same problem

    Just got the calculator and have the same problem, tryed downloading several times from websites other than the education.ti.com website and can only get those to download correctly. idk what is wrong i have the latest version of OS and i downloaded a ghostbuster? and w3patch? but dont know how to use these if these make these prgrams work? Any help getting these programs to work on my ti-89 titanium would be greatly appreciated!!
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    What particular asm apps are you trying to run?
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    Most TI-89 programs and applications should work fine on your TI-89 Titanium, so you can just run Flash applications from your Flash Applications menu and regular programs by typing their names in the home screen or selecting them from the Var-Link menu. Some might not, though, so download hw3patch and simply type"hw3patch()" in the home screen and press ENTER, and it should be installed. You can find hw3patch here.
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    Before you put any other kernel on your calculator clear your memory. Putting more then 1 kernel on your calc can mess up your calc. don’t put more then 1 Kernel on your calculator at a time unless the programmers say in the readme that they are compatible. Find a kernel called preos and put it on your calc type “Preos()” and press enter it will install itself on your calc.( if you don’t have a TI89+ Titanium os 2.2 only send Preos and stdlib to your calc). don’t delete stdlib or preos from your calc after installing. You should be able to run asm programs. If you can’t find preos I can send it to your E-mail . some asm programs won’t work on TI89+ it will say in the readme if it will work or not.
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