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Homework Help: Need help with this problem.

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    is this true or false and why?
    If 12/c^2, then 12/c
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    What work have you done so far?
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    Get out your truth table.

    Are you sure that's the entire question? If it is, return to sender. As it stands the question has no answer. You can arbitrarily determine its truthiness. Even your gut feeling would be a valid argument.

    Can you think of why there is no answer? What does 12/c<sup>2</sup> mean? What does 12/c mean? What is the connection between the two? What is the inference you are trying to establish?
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    12 divides 18^2 but 12 doesn't divide 18.
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    I've placed some numbers in for c and c^2 to see if it works. But i do not get the wordin of the question. i would believe any value of c would work except zero.
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    jmich i provided you with a counterexample if i understood the question right. therefore the statement is false.
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