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Homework Help: Need help with this

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    need urgent help with this

    any ideas will be appreciated


    tried all kinds of things, what i now think needs to be done is to change the differential to d(1-5x2) so that i wont have to open the (1-5x2)10 which i really dont want to nor do i think i am expected to.

    d(1-5x2)=-10xdx.... not really helping me :(
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    Re: need urgent help with this

    I tried several approaches, among them substitution and integration by parts, but didn't seem to get anywhere with either of these.

    Another approach that seems promising is a trig substitution, using x = 1/sqrt(5) * cos(theta).

    Using this approach I was able to rewrite the integral as
    [tex]-1/25 \int cos^2(\theta) sin^{21}(\theta)d\theta[/tex]
    This could be rewritten as two integrals, both in powers of sin(theta). At that point, I would use a table of integrals.

    This approach might be beyond your present capabilities, but it's the only one I can think of that leads anywhere.
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    Re: need urgent help with this

    You could just expand the integrand using the binomial theorem.
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