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Homework Help: Need help with torque problem

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    The figure shows a bicycle wheel resting against a small step whose height is h = 0.110 m. The weight and radius of the wheel are W = 29.0 N and r = 0.350 m. A horizontal force F is applied to the axle of the wheel. As the magnitude of F increases, there comes a time when the wheel just begins to rise up and loses contact with the ground. What is the magnitude of the force when this happens?

    i'm not even sure where to start... i figure to find the torque of the wheel i can multiply (.350) times (29) but i dunno i need help please!
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    Please try to make a diagram showing all of the forces on the wheel.
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    i did and i still don't know what to do
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    OK, what forces did you get?
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