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Homework Help: Need help with train problem

  1. Sep 17, 2005 #1
    hey could someone tell me how to start this problem? i dont know which formula i'm suppose to use..

    A 90 m long train begins uniform acceleration from rest. The front of the train has a speed of 19 m/s when it passes a railway worker who is standing 190 m from where the front of the train started. What will be the speed of the last car as it passes the worker?

    is the velocity 19 m/s? and the distance is 190 m?
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    iS IT GIVEN that the train accelerates or deccelerates??? if none of these , then velocity should remain same.

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    You need to calculate the rate of acceleration using the speed at 190 meters. Then calculate the speed at 190 + 90 = 280 meters by answering the question "how much additional speed will the train gain when it accelerates over 90 meters?"
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