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Need help with trusses

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    Need help with trusses!!

    Hey guys
    So I'm trying to solve this truss problem and get all the reactions of the trusses
    I've done it so many times but my equations never work out and I get crazy answers :\
    I've found the reactions at A and B
    My answers for tryingto solve it are
    I just can't see where I went wrong?
    Can someone help me out here?:(

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    Re: Need help with trusses!!

    I found Ax= -50 too, but I found Ay=96kN and By=104kN.

    To find Ay and By I used moments. Taking the moment around A you find the equation.

    Ma = 100kN(2.25m) + 100kN(4.25m) - By(6.25m)

    When you solve this I get By = 104kN. From their you just take 200kN - 104kN and that gets you Ay=96kN.

    I think this should help you get on the right track from here.
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    Re: Need help with trusses!!

    What about the 50kN force?
    Why didn't you use that in your moment equation?
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