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Need help with unavailable old feature.

  1. Mar 26, 2003 #1
    Learn how to make may symbols

    the old way of writing the integral symbol- [int]
    isn't working anymore.

    Neither are a lot of old maths symbols.

    Is this feature available anymore and if so is there a list of what is useable

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  3. Mar 26, 2003 #2
    Hey! I found something that works!!!!


    just without the return lines of course

    let's see...

    &thete; &alpha;
    &tt; &aa;
  4. Mar 26, 2003 #3
    Ok, sorry for technically spamming but since no other list is available I might as well see if these work.

    I'll type the word then type it again but surround it with a & and a ;

    Like this

    word &word;

    If it works a symbol should appear. OK so far

    int &int;
    nabla &nabla;
    alpha &alpha;
    theta &theta;
    beta &beta;
    epsilon &epsilion;
    delta &delta;
    gamma &gamma;
    mu &mu;
    nu &nu;
    omega &omega;
    sigma &sigma;
    pi &pi;
    zeta &zeta;

    Alpha &Alpha;

    hope these have worked
  5. Mar 26, 2003 #4
    Check out all the stuff.
    Does anyone know what this code is? There should be as list.

    P.S. Is this appearing on everyone's browsers?

    phi &phi;
    rho &rho;
    Pi &Pi;

    can it do capitals?

    Gamma &Gamma;
    gamma &gamma;

    Phi &Phi;
    Theta &Theta;

    Mu &Mu;
    Omega &Omega;
    omega &omega;
  6. Mar 27, 2003 #5
    Wow, these symbols are amazing, the &int; sign is amazing compared to the old one. and also the others like &phi; and &omega; and &zeta; and the capitals like &Omega; and &Gamma; are really cool also.
  7. Mar 27, 2003 #6
    Out of curiosity how did you find this magic new code? Surely you just didn't guess it...
  8. Mar 27, 2003 #7
    Wow, I'm really impressed. Here is an example of how to make them: & Gamma ; (no spaces)
  9. Mar 28, 2003 #8
    I can remember someone printing &nabla; once

    so I checked the source cose,(view menu,source) and I saw they had written & nabla ; no spaces.

    So I just tried it for int at the top of the page to see if it would work.

    It did and well, you can see the results for yourself. I'm wondering if things other than greek letters work.
  10. Mar 28, 2003 #9
    I've made ana annoucement in the science forums about this.
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