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Need help with verification of 5 symbolic logic sentences

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    Please I need help with these 5 logical sentences. I have some basic ideas about logic, but was never good in it, and now we have to do it for our informatic lectures, please help me. I just have to say if the sentences are true or not.

    Thank you very much

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    I'll give you the first one, hoping that will get you started on the rest.
    For the first one, the implication from right to left is clear: if a is true, then certainly "a or (anything else)" is true.
    Now for the other way. What happens if one of the possibilities -- say the first -- is true? And what if it is false?

    If you are having trouble arguing here, you could make a truth table:
    Code (Text):

    a b av(~(b&a)) (...)=>a
    T T      T            ?
    T F      T            ?
    F T      T            ?
    F F      T            ?
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