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Homework Help: Need Help!

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    ok i got a question that has come up at work today and we cant come to a answer we all agree on, i wont go into the reason this question came up unless i cant answer questions about it without referencing it so here we go

    if object A a poll like object as wide as a Object B hits Object be being previously thrown at it at a straight angle losing momentum already as it hits object B, as the objects collided with object A, object B will lose mementum(correct?) causeing Object As impact to be curved(correct?) thus when the upper part of object A to fall down apon the lower part at a angle(correct?) now the impact from (now upper A(UA) and bottom A(BA)) UA is to great for BA to resist causeing it to fall.. would this make A fall at a angle?
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    can you try to clarify that problem, break it down to its simplest terms, and try to avoid superfluous details. im not trying to be critical, but you question can be answered better if you do that.
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    kk let me try the best i can

    i throw a knife at a solid box , it dosnt go all the way through
    Q1) would this knife lose momentum passing through the box? or is all momentum lost at once?
    Q2) does the impact cause a straight line of damage or it make it at a angle like < that

    the solid box is a cube figure lets say 10 feet tall, (this only implys if the damage was at a angle) the top half of the box lands on the bottom half, the bottom half cant support the top half and crumbles.

    Q3) would this box fall into itself or would it crumble at a angle?
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    -1- a.

    -2- Depends on how the knife was thrown. Traditional throw with spin, you get a non-straight channel. Shot somehow straight at the cube with no spin, you get a straight channel.

    -3- How does a little bitty knife cut a 10 foot cube in half?
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    it does... lol buy not at a angle it hits str8
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