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Need Help

  1. Jun 17, 2007 #1
    How can I convert the following:
    45.2 Km/h into m/s
    30.5 m/s into km/h

    - A car moves at 18 m/s [E] and experiences a displacement of 450 m [ E]. How long did this trip take?

    How can I solve these?

    - A batmobile is moving with a constant velocity toward the north. Batman decides to slow down. In what direction will his acceleration be?

    -An airplane accelerates from 82 m/s [E] to 95 m/s [E] in 6.5 seconds.
    >Calculate the acceleration of the airplane.
    >Write a sentence that descrives this motion

    -A speedboat accelerates at 4.80 m/s(squared) [N] and reaches a final velocity of 32.6 m/s(squared) [N] in 2.31 s. What was the initial velocity of the boat?

    If you guys know any websites that can help me look at motion formulas like velocity, displacement, acceleration, vectors.....scales.... explaining how to do them please post

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    The latter problems can very easily be solved using only intuition. However, if your intuition isn't helping you a whole lot, you can always solve this by dimensional analysis.

    Below you'll find a link to a page with a listing of a lot of conversion factors. These should help with the first two of your questions.


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