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Need help

  1. May 24, 2004 #1
    Need help:(

    hi to all.

    i wanted to know if you would get the same answer as me to see wether im write or wrong even though i think im wron.

    ok here is the quesstion. how long can you be exposed to 1g of Co-60 before you recive 2Sv given that it has an activity of 300Ci/g and it emits Beta particles with energy of 318KeV and Gamma rays with 1.333MeV, and the person being exposed to it has a mass of 75Kg.

    i dont know how to seperate the rate of Beta from the rate of gamma

    i had had the activity to 1.11TBq and the time to get 2Sv 8.26Minutes or 531.1s for my second answer but first i had it 44.5 minutes.

    Can you gus check if i have done it write or not?

    If i have the answer wrong can you please tell me where i have made mistake?
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