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Need help.

  1. Apr 18, 2010 #1
    need help..........!!!!

    Hello every body..........!!!
    I am hemant choudhary , My age is 18 and I m in a great trouble. I actually want to study every thing but, my way or in some bodies guidance, and not the way of society rules like ,to complete some degree or major in some subject before doing phd , I WILL AGREE to study till, I get my basic cleared , no matter how long it takes it to do.

    I love science and maths and I am mad about it .

    please help me , If you want to ask me further question you may.....
    I am in trouble I have to make this decision with in 2 month .
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    Re: need help..........!!!!

    Hi welcome to PF.
    Yes please study with interest. Understand what are all important and clear yourself..
    what help you want here?
    Any idea in you mind? which area of science you are interested in?
    good luck
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    Re: need help..........!!!!

    That society and it's "rules" again...

    You may want to be a little more specific in your question. What is this decision you have to make and why do you only have 2 months to make it in?
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    Re: need help..........!!!!

    Thanks for replying me........

    I am basically interested in pure science including maths(especially pure mathematics ), physics (all) , biology, chemistry (to some extent ) , applied science is least of interest and mostly interested in phycology (or study of brain in hypothesis ).

    Try to understand me , I want to gain all knowledge so that I can understand the world.

    I am stuck because i am not able to study the way society wants me to study ( i.e btec or bsc then msc and last phd in science).

    Tell me Where are you from ?
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    Re: need help..........!!!!

    Hi, no panic.
    you should obey the curriculum, which are designed to suit you. It is all based on many aspects..to suit every students needs. Pure science is physics, chemistry, botany and zoology. Mathematics is not a pure science. Take a subject, which you are interested in. To get a phd a master degree is mandatory. You cannot change it. Like you cannot get any bachelors degree without going through 12th or some intermediate course..they are like ladders..
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    Re: need help..........!!!!

    Good question ......
    The "rules" I am talking about the procedure to complete phd.
    Basically I want to decide where should I study, as my university (pune) exam are coming close and I won't be able my give that exam because I feel irritated to study all that (b.tec) without basic.
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    Re: need help..........!!!!

    I know that but I don't want to follow those rules.
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    Re: need help..........!!!!

    so you think that you don't have any basic knowledge to study Btech.?
    the basics for Btech you might have studied in your Diploma or 12th Class, don't you?
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    Re: need help..........!!!!

    Hey hemant,
    It seems like you don't know which science to choose. I remember that i had a like problem too. But i ended up with applied physics and I am majoring in Material Physics now.
    What i can tell you is that it is not possible to understand everything bu it is possible to get basic knowledge that can lead you to the understanding of more complex phenomenon. Physics is what i found that can help me doing so. Furthermore, the important thing is not only to be a genius but just to be able to be useful for the world, to be able to apply what you learned in class. Your brain and ability is what your world needs.
    Good luck Hermant!
  11. Apr 18, 2010 #10
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    Yep I had .......
    but i studied all that and never understood them. So I want to start over again but independently not going back to 12th again, if i have doubt then I will guidance which i will get in some university or college .
    So i need to know where this can happen.......
  12. Apr 18, 2010 #11
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    You can start independently..When you have doubts during your bachelors you can refer them and study again ..you will understand when you apply..
    Since you already studied basic, there wont be any problem to start again...you might even faster...
    Don't worry it is natural that you dont understand them when you dont apply..
    good luck
  13. Apr 18, 2010 #12
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    THANKS FOR that advice ..........
    I know what you are talking about , it is just that I still want to study all to gather , IT like that poem "two road diverge in wood" or "the road less traveled".

    I want to do it it does not matter that no body is able to do it till date. All i need is place(that may be university or any college with professor capable enough to clear my basic doubts) to study.
  14. Apr 18, 2010 #13
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    There are many ways you can use to find what is your vocation. for example, which course did you use to succeed better. Or again what do you like to do in your ordinary life out of school life. Then you will try to find which engineering program you can follow because most of the times pure sciences are generally a bit confusing and they require a longtime of study.
  15. Apr 18, 2010 #14
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    I want to specify that i am not really interested in applied but just in pure science and pure maths. I don't care about job because all I want is knowledge , I will be happy with just enough money required to live .
    YOU can relate me with those mad scientist , yes i am completely mad for science and maths.
  16. Apr 18, 2010 #15
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    To me pure science is meaning less unless you apply in real life!
    Anyway Professors are always there to clear your doubts..that is the job of a Professor..Moreover you also ask help from seniors..
  17. Apr 18, 2010 #16
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    Clearly we're having some problems interpreting whatever it is you're actually asking. Try to be simple - we get that you're interested in science, there is no need to say that again.

    Are you asking for help finding a university?

    Are you asking for help choosing a course at a university?

    Also, you have listed 'science' as what you want to study - you should know that there is too much information in the world for one man to learn it all, this is why we need to pick a specific subject - not because of some arbitrary societal rule. Choose, so you can specialise and learn lots about one thing than just a tiny bit about everything.

    Lastly, you might not care about a job, but you do care about having enough money to live on - this means getting a job so you do need to think about it :smile:
  18. Apr 18, 2010 #17
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    If you are interested in science don't go for a BTech course.
  19. Apr 18, 2010 #18
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    NO i am not at all demanding for job , people can live without money , if you wany to know them watch a video or get more info an this "THE VENOUS PROJECT"....

    Secondly i am not telling that it's a society rule , but I want to cross normal limits that a human posses and want to try it out myself , it's not that i don't believe what every body says ,It is just that I want to experience my limit and try to break them.

    I want a place or univ which will allow me to do this ,I am ready to pay their fee.but they should not demand for the qualification , i an ready to give interview to show them how much i have got (purity for science).
  20. Apr 18, 2010 #19
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    Don't tell me that you are telling me to do "Bsc"
  21. Apr 18, 2010 #20
    Re: need help..........!!!!

    I am not telling you to do BSc...i am just telling you not to do BTech..since BTech is not a science course...Hope you got it
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