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Need help

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    I'm an amateur at Physics. I only have one year of Physics through the University. Today, as the emergence of the optical technology, therefore, I have decided to venture into the Physics world. However, I need help as to where to start or what text books should I study on my own instead of paying for the University tuition of thousand of dollar and accomplishing somewhat inferior knowledge, but my boss won't know it right. Like I have stated it I only have the basic knowledge of the classical physics, and now I need to know more on the Modern Physics and the Optics technology. Furthermore, I'm on the CS department. I have checked on my University schedule and they don't offer any advance Physics course beside the entry class. Thus, I don't know what textbook to study. Can anyone out there show me the sequence of textbooks or course to take to get my knowledge up-to-date with the Optical Physics. For example, a semester in Modern Physics with the text books _______ by _________. This will help me to impress my boss a lot.
    Thank you.
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    if you want exercise in Optics ,you can use Schaum's out lines for college physics in Optics .it's very clear and easy book.

    And look this peper:
    http://www.phy.duke.edu/~sch/143/lectures/intro.pdf [Broken]
    it has what the basic of Modern physisc and what you are need to learn..
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