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Need help

  1. Nov 24, 2004 #1
    hey.... i studied in an indian school till 10th grade. the indian board is not like the US board in the sense that we dont do one course and finish it in 1 year... we do part of it every year.. hence, i did geometry for 2 years ( 9th and 10th grade ) ... i've basically done congruent triangles,similar triangles, circles, trignometry , loci and concurrent lines in triangles, parelellograms, mensuration of solid and plane figures, statistics, volumes and areas,etc... However, having moved to a private school here in the US i was wondering :

    1) Do u guys think i should do the geometry course here at school?
    2) Can i do calculus well with the geometry that i have learned from my previous school?

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    does anyone know??
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