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Need help

  1. May 24, 2005 #1
    need help!!!!!

    There are some exam question to be ask.I have already have the answer but teacher didn't explain.Therefore,I hope to have the explanation here. :smile:

    1)Where does ehanol formation occur in a yeast cell?
    (A) cell vacuole
    (B) golgi apparatus
    (C) cytoplasm *
    (D) mitochondrion

    2)What provides energy for the formation of glomerular filtrate in the kidney?
    (A) cardiac muscle in the left ventricle *
    (B) elastic tissue in the renal artery
    (C) mitochondrion in the cells of Bowman's capsule
    (D) sodium-potassium pumps in the renal tubules


    That's all bout my question.Thank you very very much for anyone who help. :rofl:
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    Ethanol formation in the cytoplasm - ethanol is formed through alcoholic fermentation which is an anaerobic process. Anaerobic processes stop after glycolysis (well and the conversion of pyruvate to regenerate NAD+) which occurs in the cytoplasm.

    Glomerular filtrate is when the blood is filtered as it passes through the kidney. The only option listed in the MC that directly affects the flow of blood is the cardiac muscles in the left ventricle.
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