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Need help

  1. Jul 14, 2005 #1
    N 41 32.214 W 073° 06.471

    Dust off your Math PHD. You will find the cache in the area of the coordinates below. Posted coordinates are for emergencies only. Drawings are accurate but not to scale. Assume all segments are the same thickness.

    The pictures attached to this and the info above are for the same problem. What you need to do is get the N and the W to give you numbers like the coordinates above. The N in the picture should somehow get numbers that relate to the N above, meaning the 41 degrees and 32 in the minutes spot should be the same. (the 32 should be close give or take a few). And the W should be 73 degrees and very close to the 06 minutes.

    I have spent a few hours on this problem and have gotten no where. Any help would be appreciated. This is not a problem for home work but for a game I am playing so you are not just giving help for a school project.

    I do appreciate any insight on this.


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    Can anyone atleast give me some pointers on this one.
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