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Homework Help: Need Help

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    How would I solve these equation:

    (3 3/8) to the power of -1

    3X / X-1 + 4 = X / X+1

    5 / X+2 + X(X+3) / X (Square) - 4

    I been really stuck on these.

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    What have you tried to do? I notice that you haven't even told us what you are supposed to do! You say "How do I solve these equation?" but only one of them is an equation! I can make a few guesses.

    Can you write [itex]3\frac{3}{8}[/itex] as a single, improper, fraction? Do you know what a -1 power does to a fraction? [itex](\frac{a}{b})^{-1}= ?[/itex]

    Do you mean 3X/(X-1)+ 4= X/(X-1)? What happens when you multiply a fraction by its denominator?

    5 /(X+2) + X(X+3) / X2 - 4 or 5/(X+2)+ X(X+3)/(X2-4)?
    What were you told to do with this?
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