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Need HTML help

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    I am trying to make another page on my website where users can go login. The problem is I can't figure out how to make the second page on the site. I have a html file saved on the server along with the home page. I have a link to the html page on the site but it shows all the code. Can anybody help me?
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    I don't really get what your problem is. If you have a valid 2nd HTML file and you link to it, it should display the page it represents. If it displays "code" then it must not be a valid HTML file. In other words, if it displays "code", it is not interpreting valid HTML tags, it's just treating them as text (because they are NOT valid HTML)
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    Can you just post a link so we can see it for ourselves? If not, can you just take the two html pages and put them in a zip and then host that somewhere so we can download and look at them? Or you could use a site like pastebin to paste the text of the html files and then link them here.

    Barring all that, what happens when you try to directly access the 2nd page by just entering the URL?
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    Some simple things ... like asking if it's plugged in. lol

    Is the extension on the filename correct? .html .htm ?/make it same as the page that works.

    In the file itself, do you identify it as an html file? <html> tag for example.

    Don't mean to insult you, but this sounds like some simple oversight.

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    You should visit w3school, you can got any solution of your problem using this site.
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    OP appears to be a drive-by
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