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Homework Help: NEED HW HELP TODAY (please)

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    1. The escape speed from a very small asteroid is only 32 m/s. If you throw a rock away from the asteroid at a speed of 37 m/s, what will be its final speed?

    2. How fast (relative to you) do you have to throw the rock (in the direction of the asteroid's spin) so that it never comes back to the asteroid and ends up traveling at a speed of 8 m/s when it is very far away? (I have mass, radius, and escape speed; I just need to know how to set it up)

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    I the future post homework help requests in the homework help forums.

    Now, Show us that you have tried.
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    i know that Ve = sqrt((2GM/r))
    but i dont know how to incorporate the final and initial velocities into the equation
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    i apologize for placing it in the wrong forum

    i'm new to the site
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