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Need Ideas for LED Necklace

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    Hello people

    I am trying to design a birtday presenet for someone and I need your ideas for this. I want to make a LED necklace with a 5mm LED powered by a 3V CR2025 battery. What I cant figure out is where do I put this in to? How can I do the casing and out of which material? I am not a glass cutter and I dont own a glass cutting machine so I will need to do this by hand. I also need to print or etch a symbol or word on this material.

    Anyone can think of a way to make this kind of casing and etching? I don't care how time consuming it will be, only thing important is to be able to make this with materials I can find at home or easily buy from a store.

    (I am bending the LED over the battery for minimal space in case you wonder how I am thinking to fit them in a necklace)

    Thank you
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    There is a site called Instructables where people post how they have created different things. They have an entire section on LEDs. I'm sure that you'll find something there.

    http://www.instructables.com/pages/search/search.jsp?q=LED+necklace" [Broken]
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    Thanks for the information but I can't find anything for my use there :(

    I am still open to ideas of glass-like easy shapeable material.
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    Epoxy Resin maybe?
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    Resin sounds like a good idea thank you :)
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